Saturday, 9 July 2011

It's my birhtday/COCOの誕生日

It's my birhtday today and one of my presents is my new website where I will be posting my blog from now on. The new website is at http://www.cocosheltie.com/


Love Coco

Friday, 8 July 2011

Exbury Gardens and our holiday accomodation./エクスベリーガーデンとB&B

Coco said I should write about my first holiday too so I will try.


When we arrived at the B&B I thought we had moved there because our toys, food, shampoo, beds...everything was in our bags.
I didn’t have my own bedroom there but I could sleep with Coco, and mummy and daddy’s bed was just there so I could visit them as many time as I wanted during the night, although they seemed to want to sleep.
At the B&B we had our own small patio garden so I could go out whenever I wanted and the man guest next to our room was hairy but quite friendly, and every time I peeped through the gate he said “Hello!” to me.
B&Bの朝食 コーンフレーク、フルーツにホームメイドヨーグルト、

これにトースト、ジュース、コーヒー 黒い物体はマッシュルーム

Coco and I had our ordinary breakie and din-dins in our room. I think it is something called “Room service”. Am I right?

On the other hand mummy and daddy always had to go out to get food while Coco and I sat on the bed or the chair, which maybe we shouldn’t have. Mummy took some photos of their food. They ate a lot didn’t they? And I think they should eat more vegetables like I do.


We walked a lot during our holiday, and the last day of our holiday, we went to Exbury Garden before heading home. We got on the choo-choo train there and it was fun!! Lots of steam came out and the noise and everything!! It was quite different from my favourite Southwest train wasn’t it daddy?


After getting off the train we walked around in the garden which was huge and beautiful. Coco and I posed here and there for daddy, and once when we were posing under a pretty tree a lady passer-by said “It could be a calendar photo”. Did you hear that, mummy and daddy! I am a proper model now aren’t I?


I want to go back there again because it is near the sea where Coco and I had our first swimming lesson from daddy. But daddy, we should go back there in May shouldn’t we? The guard of the choo-choo train said it many times didn’t he?
We had enjoyed Exbury garden for about 4 hours and headed home. Thanks for daddy’s gadget we got home in 1 hour and 20 minutes and my first holiday ended.

 Daddy, I like “holiday”. It is woofly fun thing isn’t it, if only I don’t feel sick in the car...
Anyway I will grow out of it won’t I? So can I go to somewhere far next time like Coco did? And make sure that I can have room service again. Woof!! I cannot wait!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Another nice walk/今日もウォーキング

Yesterday morning, daddy came to our bedroom and said “We are going to another forest today. Get up, girls!!”
Daddy got lost the day before so he wanted to show us that he could read the map. I’m right aren’t I, daddy?
At first we stopped at Burley and looked around for a while. It seemed that the town was famous for witches. I wonder why?
When we came back to the car park two goats were wandering there, and one of them was standing behind daddy’s car. Does he want to come with us daddy?
We headed for Beaulieu. We saw a lot of horses everywhere on the way and they were very pretty!! Look at those two horses. They were just standing there and looking at us while daddy was taking this photo. I wish I could speak horse language, then I could have asked their names.
After a while we got out the car at Beaulieu and daddy said that we would walk through the forest to Bucklers Hard
Daddy was quite happy because he was quite confident that he wouldn’t get lost this time. Do you know why? Because there weren’t many twists and turns in this forest, and there were more signs and people to follow in this forest than the one we had been to the day before. However it was a much longer walk than we expected.
Silky and I posed for daddy here and there, and ran around a lot. We even saw a squirrel didn’t we, Silky?
After a while we arrived at Bucklers Hard where old wooden naval ships were built many years ago and there was a place where they repair boats there too. We saw woofly many boats in the river didn’t we daddy? You can do a boat trip along the river and of course doggies are welcome, however we walked back because daddy said so.
We came back to where we started but then daddy said with a bit of a smiling face “We didn’t walk back here the same way we came, did we?” No, we didn’t daddy but we didn’t get lost so it was OK, I suppose.
Mummy’s pedometer showed about 25000 steps after the walkies, which meant we had walked 10 miles or 16  KM..
I was knackered again and fell asleep all night. Silky found a nice comfortable chair in our room.
I’ve been enjoying my birthday week a lot and this is Silky’s first holiday as a family so she is excited too and she hasn’t slept properly at night. Every time she is awake she goes to mummy or daddy and expresses her joy to them. Lovely isn’t she?
Anyway daddy? What are we going to do next? More forest walkies? That would be lovely but I could do some retail therapy too.....

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We went to the forest./ニューフォレストの森

Yesterday morning daddy said we would go to a mystery tour. Exciting isn’t it?
The place we arrived was a forest. I wondered if daddy would get lost...again, but then I saw he had a map in his hand so decided not to worry to much.
We walked in the big forest and it was very refreshing. I breathed in and out the forest air and woof! It smelt good. You know, forest smell?
We turned some corners and carried on walking. Then we saw horses ahead of us. They are wild aren’t they daddy? I didn’t know horse language but they looked very friendly. It was interesting looking at horses but they were in the middle of lunch lunch so we left them to it, and carried on.
Then we came to the road and daddy said we would walk along the road. But you know, it wasn’t a quiet road but very busy road without pavement. It is Scary, daddy!! Besides the side of the road was very bushy. I don’t do bushy, you know that daddy don’t you!! You got lost again didn’t you!! Why didn’t you take your satnav with you daddy!!
Still daddy never admitted the fact he got lost.
Anyway we had to go along this road. Silky always wants to chase cars and it was too dangerous so mummy carried her and walked quickly so I had to follow. I was miserable...
Finally we came to the pavement part but now it started raining. After a while we arrived at a small town and mummy and daddy had cream tea while Silky and I had a small lunch lunch while being admired by passers by.
Now, we had to go back but I definitely didn’t walk back along the bushy dangerous road. Luckily daddy led us into the forest and we could manage to go back to the part of the forest we were in.
That was a relief.
On our way back it stopped raining. Actually mummy and I were a bit worried about snakes, but what do you think we saw a lot? Slugs!! There were slugs everywhere. Some were even looked as though slug family gathering together or having afternoon catching up with neighbours. Anyway why are they so big, daddy?


Finally we came back to where we started from and our mystery tour finished. We had walked for 7 hours and mummy’s pedometer showed 35000 steps. Daddy calculated roughly and it means that we walked about 26 km (16 miles). Daddy, I don’t think my favourite vet Andy would be happy about it.
Silky and I were wet and dirty but mummy washed us with nice warm water. After that Silky and I felt very tired and slept like a puppy.
Swimming lesson in the sea and a mystery tour in the forest. What is next, daddy?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We swam in the sea yesterday/海水浴

When I got up yesterday morning daddy said that we would go to the sea . Woof? Didn’t he have to go to work yesterday? Really? Hooray!!

It is because this is my birthday week isn’t it? It is special week isn’t it, daddy?
Daddy bought his new gadget (satnav) last week so we arrived at Lepe country park in 1 hour and 30 minutes. If he hadn’t it would have taken a lot longer, by the way.
Woof!! All I could see was the sea!!
Daddy tried to get Silky and me in the water but the water was moving lively and there was lots of seaweed so we didn’t know what to do except barking.

Mummy told daddy not to force them to swim and daddy was nodding. It is true. You shouldn’t force should you? When you learn how to swim you should feel you want to shouldn’t you?



Daddy seemed to give up, and then we walked along the beach. Daddy took photos of us here and there and we came to a quieter and cleaner part of the beach.
Again daddy got in the water and called us. Even though there was no seaweed it was the same thing for me and Silky. We only barked at daddy.

Then, what do you think he did?
He carried Silky, walked in the water and put Silky in the water!! Silky swam very well and it seemed she enjoyed it. Well, she had swum before in Windsor Great Park to get ducks hadn’t she?


Now, daddy came back and carried me and walked into the water. I was half excited and half scared. Can I swim like Silky? Or am I going to sink in the water?

Woof!! I could swim!! It was fun!!
We repeated this a couple of times and our swimming lesson finished. After this swimming lesson we walked around the park a little and mummy and daddy had ice cream and left the sea.
Can we have swimming lesson again, daddy? Then, Silky and I should get pretty bikinis, shouldn’t we?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Park walkies, Mexico and Costa Rica./公園散歩とメキシカとコスタリカ

On Saturday and on Sunday daddy took us to the park by car. I hadn’t been there so it was woofly exciting!!
I ran, ran and ran with Silky and barked, barked and barked when Silky showed her ball performance. I hadn’t seen her performance for a while and woof!! If you see her performance closely you will be amazed. It is true isn’t it, daddy?
I chased squirrels with Silky and it was fun. I used to run a lot in the park but before I started my short walkies I didn’t run anymore and what mummy and daddy thought was that I wasn’t interested or I didn’t want to run with Silky.
No!! I wanted, but I just didn’t feel like running. I think I always felt a bit down and it was maybe because of my legs. Now my tiny legs are getting better and I was so happy running in the park today. But there was one problem...I snapped at other doggies a lot. Mummy and daddy said my attitude had become worse. Hmmm...I don’t know why. Anyway if they don’t come to me I wouldn’t have to snap would I?
I had been wondering what the bag was which was hanging in front of the cupboard for a while. I could smell nanny Joan so I sniffed it a lot but I never could see what the content was.

Today I found out. It was more gifts which nanny Joan had made for me and Silky on the cruise.

Last week I showed California frilly scarf and a hat, and also Alaskan pink bandana. Today, I will show you our Mexican costume and Costa Rican frilly scarf and a hat with flower. Thank you again, nanny Joan.
How do we look? And which one is your most favourite? I have Japanese, which is kimono don’t I? Hmmm...I wonder if mummy and daddy could make more foreign costumes, such as Hawaiian, Egyptian or Brazilian. Woof, Spanish Flamenco costume would be beautiful, don’t you think daddy?


Anyway, I an knackered after energetic park walkies. By the way, my birthday will be soon. So daddy, this week will be a special week won’t it? Then can you take me somewhere by your car everyday?
That would be wonderful...Zzzz...