Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vets today

When I got to the vet this morning everyone was very kind and gentle to me and I liked them.  I even didn’t notice when mummy and daddy left me.  I was wondering what we were going to do together.  Are we going to go to Runnymede park?  Or Windsor park?  But since I am at the vet now I want them to do something about my ingrowing eyelashes first because it irritates my eyes a lot recently.  One nurse was talking to me and then I started to feel sleepy...sleepy...sleepy...Zzzz...

I don’t know how long I had been sleeping.  I am still at the vet aren’t I?  I feel still dizzy...
When I finished my room service breakfast, my favourite vet “Andy” came and took me to his consulting room.  Woof!!  Mummy and daddy, and even Silky were there!!  What happened?
Silky said that she had come by train with mummy because she had her eyes checked too. Her eyes are good now although she still needs to use her eyedrops.


I was too sleepy to listen to what they were talking about my eyes but it seemed that I could go home with everyone.  I was very sleepy when daddy was paying so I whimped very nicely to say "I want to go home daddy". I was very contented when I got in the car to go home.  When we got home daddy went back to work and mummy called me to come to the kitchen.
I looked at mummy...Hmmm?  Strange.  Mummy is swinging right to left...right to left.  Stop it, mummy!! You make me feel dizzy!!

逆マツゲを抜いてもらうために半日入院 軽い麻酔を使ったので眠い眠いCOCO
But mummy said it was me who was swinging.  Mummy put me in my pink bed and immediately I fell asleep, like sleeping beauty.


Silky got a new harness.  Her pink collar was getting small for her so  mummy and Silky popped in the pet shop around the corner during their walkies.  She looks smart in her new red harness doesn’t she?  Silky said that she tried it on on the counter but she looked terrified so the man in the pet shop said “Don’t worry, this is not the vet”.  I always liked sitting on that counter in the pet shop when I was a little puppy girl because they gave me yummy treats and stroked me a lot.  Silky said she wasn’t comfortable because she didn’t feel safe there but still she had two big biscuits.


I feel tired again so have a bit more nap-nap. 


  1. it's a good day to sleep coco, i am tired too. i wish i could nap in my soft, comfy bed. i hope you feel better tomorrow. tell silky i say hello! she looks pretty in her harness.

  2. What did they do to you? A month ago I had my teeth cleaned and had to have anesthesia which I don't like because it makes me loopy afterwards. But I got extra loving that day so I was happy. My doctor is nice.

  3. Poor little girl. I hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Coco you did very well. Eye stuff is always scary. A couple years ago I almost went blind in both my eyes because of a nasty fungus in the soil. I had some very nice eye specialist vets to help me and my regular vet helped me too. My mommy and daddy took extremely good care of me like yours do. I am fine now and can see well and no more medicine! I am so glad you are better now too. I like reading about you and your sister, Silky. I have siblings too. Savanna is my Sheltie sister. Please take care of your eyes Coco. So glad you are better!

  5. Hi Kanoe, I had some ingrowing eyelashes removed from each eye, they were really itching and causing my eye to weep. I feel relieved now. Wow dogs have private dentistry in America too...

  6. 眠り姫の様なCOCOちゃん・・・どうですか?睫毛はうまくいきましたか?新しいハーネス買って貰ったシルクちゃんのとろんとした目・・・トライっ子の精悍な感じより可愛いい優しさの方が勝ってますね!COCOちゃんあんまり寝てたら夜に目がさえて寝られませんよ・・・

  7. JINパパさん

  8. Cocoちゃん、大変でしたね。

  9. はなママさん